Safe and effective professional strength cleaning agent for all types of
orthodontic appliances.






Give your patient a choice
of eight delicious flavors.

Special Discounts are
available for distributors
& dental schools.

Jazi Dental introduces
ULTI-MATE Ultrasonic Solution,
an Amazing Retainer & Dental Appliance Cleaner,
and GOOBUSTER Temporary
Adhesive Remover
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Office & Lab Sundries

Jazi Dental, Inc. is proud to manufacture all of its own dental office sundries in the United States. Our chemicals have been used in dental offices and labs around the world and are made of the finest ingredients. We guarantee all of our products to your satisfaction - or your money back.

GooBuster Temp Adhesive Remover

New! Goobuster® Temporary Adhesive Remover

For easy clean up of: orthodontic appliances, and instruments, acrylics, dentures, bridges, crowns, inlays, splints, etc. Ready to use.


Jazi Jaws® Retainer & Dental Appliance Cleaner

Safe & effective professional strength cleaning agent for all types of orthodontic appliances. Restores appliances to like-new appearance. Use on retainers, appliances, full dentures, soft liners, light-cured resins, etc. Powerful for removal of scale, tartar and stains. Cleans and deodorizes dental appliances and helps prevent irritation to gum tissue. Will not corrode stainless steel.



NO SCRUBBING! Save time and soak trays clean. Easy to use. Just add to water and soak impression trays clean. Removes stubborn alginate residues. Safe powder formula stores easily. Indispensable, efficient cleaner for plastic and metal trays. Clinically tested.

Safe-Sol® Removes Stone, Plaster, and Gypsum

Biodegradable product can be flushed down drain for disposal. Plaster and stone deposits disintegrate & dissolve in minutes. Removes tarnish, oxidation and leaves instruments shining. Safe for hands, no rubber gloves needed. Ready to use.

Satin Model Gloss®

The classic liquid surface conditioner for ortho plaster or stone models. Dip study or presentation model & buff to a satiny shine when dry. Excellent as a dip or paint-on stone to plaster separator. Ready to use.

Jazi Premium Separator®

Premium grade non-stick formula gurantees a clean separation of acrylic & stone with only one coat. For high production labs. Superior for acrylic restorations. Spreads smoothly over stone. Rinses off teeth & metal. Clear or Pink.

Jazi General Ortho Lab Cleanser

Removes plaster, stone, & investment. Leaves equipment surfaces clean & bright. Reusable. No scrubbing or scraping. Soak clean. Non-hazardous.

Ultimate Ultrasonic Cleaner

“Ultimate” Ultrasonic Cleaner®

Powerful, industrial strength Ultimate is safe on all non-porous surfaces (glass, metal, plastic, acrylic, and rubber components). Spectacular cleaning power, removing oils, corrosion, organic debris, abrasives, grinding compounds. Concentrated - dilute 1:32.

Model Miracle® - Plaster Additive

For break resistant, bubble-free, smoother plaster or stone models. Avoid broken, chipped or cracked models. Model Miracle plaster mix pours smoothly and easily into impressions to capture the fine oral detail.

Enamel Etching Gel

37.5% Etching takes place by chemical action only where the gel is applied and continues until the etch is complete. Essential prior to bonding. Contains fluoride. Ideal viscosity and color for easy, accurate placement with disposable needle tips. Thixotropic gel clings to tooth surface and stays put until rinsed away.

EEzy Release®

Non-oily, non-toxic universal anti-sticking agent. Forms a fine, super effective releasing and lubricating film. Spray alginate impressions and flasks to release stone. Apply to trays, bowls, sinks and counter tops for quick clean-up.

Fruitee Flavors x8

Fruit-EE-Flavors Alginate Flavor Drops & Sprays

Just a drop of Fruit-ee-Flavoring makes anyalginate into a patient pleasure. Give your patient a choice of appetizing flavors. (available in eight, delicious flavors: Almond, Banana, Grape, Mint, Orange, Pina Colada, Strawberry, Tutti-Frutti). Kit come with all eight flavors. Available also in concentrated alginate drop bottles.